VACC assists organizations in taxes in a comprehensive way, which includes tax aspects related to labor and social security issues and in the viability of opportunities in the tax area, due, for example, to benefits and tax incentives provided by the Brazilian legislation.

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    Tax Planning

    It is known that taxes represent an important part of companies’ costs. With the globalization of the economy, the correct administration of the tax burden has become extremely important for business survival.

    In this scenario, VACC:
    – Analyzes the tax burden on operations;
    – Analyzes the best way of structuring the business, in order to reduce the costs of the enterprise, including taxes;
    – Suggests a tax planning appropriate to the business;
    As a result of this tax planning, your company obtains, in addition to reducing its tax burden, a better structuring, enabling a better management of the business.

    Permanent tax advisory services

    VACC advisory services focuses on preventive action on tax aspects in operational strategies regarding tax legislation, incentives and other strategies that may be a competitive advantage in decision making. In advance and strategic ways, it seeks to provide information of high added value to customers.
    The activities related to tax advisory exceed the issues related to the clarification of tax doubts, in which it also seeks the creation of appropriate forums to make the study and tax knowledge one of the routines of professionals dedicated to financial, accounting, tax, legal and operational areas. In order to do so, it has specific training sessions, committee meetings for tax studies, as well as permanent tax advisory.

    Revision of fiscal procedures (compliance)

    Compliance projects, no less important than the planning and advisory areas, are of fundamental importance for tax management and governance, both with regard to the correct payment of taxes due in the country and in compliance with accessory obligations, thus avoiding tax penalties and other restrictions, such as the enjoyment of fiscal incentives and the obtaining of certificates of fiscal, labor and social security regularity.

    Assistance in the recovery of taxes

    There are currently several situations in the Tax Legislation that allow the recovery of credits of various taxes and contributions (which have been collected), in the judicial and administrative spheres, which we carry out with great competence.

    The main taxes and contributions that allow recoveries are: PIS; Cofins; INSS; ICMS; IPI; CSLL and Income Tax.

    Business Acquisition - Due Diligence

    Support services in the process of buying and selling companies or business units as from work involving review and analysis of the financial statements and the operations of the seller, using audit procedures previously agreed upon by the buyer; The focus of the service is to know the business of the seller and advise the buyer about possible problems and opportunities that may influence the purchase price and/or future operations.