We advise your company on the development of controls and management tools appropriate to the challenges imposed by the current market dynamics. We develop and/or manage your business.

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    Business Consulting (Diagnostic)

    Based on a diagnosis of the Company’s operational, administrative and financial processes, we develop strategic actions aimed at improving the “business” management model. We evaluate and measure the performance of the Company, aiming to improve the Company’s processes and strategies, providing “effective results”.


    We have proven experience in valuation of companies from various sectors of the economy and of different sizes. Our valuation meets the standard required by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), using as main methodologies: (i) discounted cash flow method; (ii) market multiples; and (iii) equity value.

    Impairment Test

    We perform Impairment Test services in order to comply with the accounting standards adopted in Brazil (CPC 01 and IFRS 9) introduced by the Law 11638/07. We evaluate the recoverability of tangible and intangible assets at their “value in use”. We issue a technically based report that guarantees the adequate recording of tangible and intangible assets at their “recoverable value.”

    Turnaround Management

    We have a team specialized in Turnaround Management. Based on a brief diagnosis we are able to plan the best solution for the company in financial crisis. We are able to support your Company in a process of total restructuring of the business to a process of request for Judicial or Extra-judicial recovery. Given the need of the company under recovery, we can allocate full-time professionals.

    Implementation of strategic controlling

    We advise Companies in the implementation of management information systems, in order to assist the Companies´ strategic planning. Our strategic tools aim to provide the Companies Management with assertive and timely information for conducting the “business”. Among others, we elaborate:
    • Budget
    • Cash Flow
    • Consolidated management result and per business unit
    • Working capital management and control
    • Investments management and control (Capex)
    • Definition of indicators (KPI´s)

    Review and implementation of processes and controls

    We carry out work aimed at identifying deficiencies in routines and business processes that result in vulnerability and risks of internal controls.

    In the diagnosis of review of the operational, commercial and administrative processes | Financial and internal controls, we seek indications of non-compliance with certain key processes and our main objective is to identify improvements in processes and controls in order to optimize and maximize corporate management.

    Strategic Planning

    We help your company define strategies and objectives, develop and evaluate key initiatives and identify alternatives to solve the problems that can interfere in the execution of your plans, aiming at the sustainable and longstanding growth of your business.

    Fundraising Advisory

    We advise your company, on a full or part-time basis, in fundraising processes with development banks, private equity funds, international investors, among others.