We are focused on delivering reports for decision-making purposes.

    The services offered by VACC in the area of outsourcing allow companies to prioritize their main activity, outsourcing their support activities, from accounting to financial and personnel administration.
    We provide specialized professionals to take care of the operations of your company, so that you can dedicate yourself totally to your business.

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    Accounting, finance and taxes

    – Outsourcing of financial, accounting, billing, tax and payroll processes through the use of VACC’s own Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system;
    – Outsourcing of costs and inventory control;
    – Accounting control of fixed assets;
    – Management reports;
    – Financial statements;
    – Tax calculations;
    – Fiscal books and accessory obligations;
    – Calculation and preparation of income tax returns;
    – Elaboration of electronic files related to SPED

    Payroll and personnel administration

    – Processing of payroll, taxes and social charges, accounting and reconciliation; of personnel expenses accounts;
    – Documentation and records of personnel and attendance of labor and social security obligations;
    – Administration of benefits.


    – Outsourcing solution for foreign companies that are starting their activities in Brazil, allowing the administrators to focus on the main activity, thus ensuring full compliance with the local requirements required by Brazilian legislation;
    – Outsourcing of financial, accounting, billing, tax and payroll processes, using an ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system;
    – Indication of partners for Business Concierge services;
    – Represent legal entities in Brazil.

    Business support on demand

    – Loan Staff: allocation of specialized resources in the Accounting, Tax, Financial and Personnel Administration areas on a temporary or permanent basis, reporting to the client’s structure;

    – Accounting reprocessing;

    – Accounting reconciliations;

    – Rectification of tax obligations;

    – Generation of tax documents related to obligations IN86, Manad and SPED (accounting and tax);

    – Adjustments to labor and social security obligations.