The performance of companies continues to be observed through their financial results. Companies must have total clarity in the analysis of their business that generate results and expenses, allowing quick corrections of route deviations, and avoiding the waste of time and money.

    VACC audit services help provide credibility to your organization’s financial statements, enabling investors, shareholders and all market players to recognize the true value of your businesses and provide greater soundness to the business environment.

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    Audit of financial statements

    Service with the objective of providing greater credibility to the financial statements of a company, making use of VACC methodology, which allows a combination of auditing approach, standardized documentation and integrated technology.

    Our challenge is to base our audit findings through a full understanding of the company’s business, products and processes, as well as the risks involved. An additional challenge is to achieve a broad understanding of management controls and operational processes and their effectiveness in monitoring and reducing operations risks.

    Limited review of financial statements

    Review work of periodic or annual reports in order to assess whether the accounting criteria adopted are in accordance with the fundamental accounting principles for the specific needs of companies.

    Intermediate revisions

    Review work of the periodic reports (quarterly or semiannual) of a company’s results, compared to the results of the previous year, for purposes of reporting abroad or attendance to regulatory agencies.

    Accounting reports

    Issuance of reports at book value for purposes of split-up, merger and incorporation of companies.

    Analysis and validation of accounting balances

    Carrying out of specific jobs demanded in situations of doubts and/or disputes between parties, concerning the results of a commercial or financial transaction; allegations of unethical or fraudulent conduct; and the need for validation of internal controls on operating and accounting processes.

    Previously agreed procedures

    Service that aims to provide useful information for specific purposes of the clients regarding financial and non-financial information, from the application of limited and specific procedures in accounts of the financial statements and certain procedures of internal controls, investigation for acquisition of companies, etc..

    Independent data validation

    Validation of financial and non-financial information and statistics, for commercial or legal purposes, which provide support to the position assumed by the client.


    Conversion and preparation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs), the international standard of financial statements.

    Reporting Advisory Services (RAS)

    Preparation of financial statements (including those related to companies that will be sold, partially or acquired), pro forma financial information related to business acquisitions and allocation of resources, among other requisitions of regulatory agencies; It also includes the response to comment letters and other inquiries from regulators. Reply to comment letters and other inquiries from regulators.

    Due diligence accounting

    Support services in the process of buying and selling companies or business units from work involving review and analysis of the financial statements and the operations of the seller, using audit procedures previously agreed upon with the buyer; The focus of the service is to know the business of the seller and advise the buyer on possible problems and opportunities that may influence the purchase price and/or future operations.